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  • Tanks are important. More tanks = more fish, more fish = more coins.
  • Amount of tanks you can own is same as your level. E.g. level 21 you can own 21 tanks.
  • You can have as many fish in tank as you wish, but being effective in happiness you can have 100 fish there without losing happiness.
  • Decreased happiness means less coins if you try to sell your fish.
  • Keep your tanks clean. You get 1 experience + 5 coins for cleaning 1 spot in your tank, but only 1 coin cleaning a spot in your friends tank.
  • Increase tank happiness so you get more coins when selling your fish.
  • Ask your friends to revive your dead fish. Dead fish decrease happiness.
  • You can rename your tanks as you wish.
  • You can change position of your tank in "My tanks" -view by selecting tank and clicking green arrow button next "Buy new tank" button.
  • Cost of tanks:
    • 2 first tanks are free (starter gift).
    • Next two tanks cost 500 coins.
    • All other tanks cost 1000 coins.
    • Buying tanks you get trophies of tanks galore.

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